Chatham & Lee NC Stone Masonry Contractor IN Chatham & Lee Stone North Carolina Veneers Repairs House Walls Cost Free Quote stone/brick work consists of Veneers, Foundations, Chimneys, Retaining Walls, Building Stone, Veneer Stone, and much more, for a custom design that will fit your need and lifestyle

 stone/brick work consists of Veneers, Foundations, Chimneys, Retaining Walls, Building Stone, Veneer Stone, and much more, for a custom design that will fit your need and lifestyle

Stone is a Completely Tough and Durable

Stone is a completely tough and durable substance, and holds up under the most extreme conditions. Likewise, good  stonework should be a visual picture of strength at your home or business. One of our favorite stone creations is attached to a burned down house. What we love about this house are the stone fireplaces that still stand on each end. Every other part of the house was burned and lies on the ground, but the stone fireplaces still stand. These fireplaces represent one of the fundamental things about great stonework, its strength and durability.

Another concept vital to good stonework is the up-close visual aspect. We believe that most stonework looks good from 100 feet away, but to be great, stonework should look good from ten inches. There are two basic styles to laying stone, a classic look with mortar joints in between the stones, and dry-stack, where the rocks are fitted together tightly with no visible mortar joints. With either style, the stones should be fit to one another without large gaps or holes in between. The better things looks from close range directly correlates to the detail of the  stone mason.

Stonework should also have a clear conceptual idea. Just like any good artist, a mason should be able to convey a total picture that flows in both idea and execution. There are many different types of stones, and many different types of structures, but the best stonework has a purpose. Perhaps the rock is facing a section of an outside wall, or a fireplace, or simply used for landscaping. Maybe the stonework is being used subtlety as a background texture or strikingly as a centerpiece to a room. All these have a purpose that should be understood and fulfill the desired effect.

Some questions to ask yourself when you are looking at stonework up close are:

•Do the stones look grounded and sturdy?

•How well do the stones fit together?

•How smooth and filled are the joints between the rocks?

•Are the rocks fashioned together in a way that shows variety in pattern and color?

•Is there a clear conceptual idea being presented with the stone?

Below is a full list of services that we install. All of Designer Properties' services are provided for new construction and remodeling.

• Custom Interior and Exterior fireplaces. • Custom dry stack stone. •Interior and Exterior masonry columns. •Exterior masonry house fronts. •Exterior chimneys. •Custom backyard grill and patio areas. • Interior and Exterior flagstone floors. •Flag stone table tops. •Retaining walls. •Brick restoration. • Tuck pointing.

Types of stone that we lay: All types of  natural fieldstone, ledge stone, and flagstone.  Manufactured or (Cultured Stone).

We have become known for our custom design  stone masonry, including  stone fireplaces, floors, chimneys, and walls. Our natural stone and stucco mix has also become a complete custom look that is tailored exclusively to each homeowner.


"Q. How do you offer so many service's ?

A. We are a company of NC Contractors-Tradesmen & Designers,"
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