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Once a location has been selected, the hole dug, and a liner installed, you are ready to fill and get you pond under way. If done correctly, a pond can be an ideal environment created nearly overnight. Imitating nature will require the proper balance of living creatures and conditions that are appropriate for their life. Pond water will need to be prepared properly before you introduce a single fish or plant.

Water is always level, regardless of the lay of the land. Unless care is taken to establish an even grade for the pond edge all around, the pond will look lopsided. Most Raleigh North Carolina water gardens can be leveled with a builders spirit level and straight edge. A piece of lumber such as a 2by4 could be used as a straight edge. The straight edge makes it possible to level a greater distance. The approximate size and location of a pond can be marked with a string, rope, or a hose.

Small water gardens can be excavated by hand. If a shelf is in the plan a width of at least 12 inches is needed although 18 inches or more will be more stable. The walls of the pond should be kept nearly vertical, a slight slope in the walls might appear as a bulge in the finished pond. In cold climates a depth of at least 2 1/2 feet (USDA map) is needed to winter over fish. Excavate the bottom of the pond with a slight slope to a deeper sump area. Once the liner is in, you need to eliminate the toxic substances found within your tap water.

All municipal tap water contains chlorine or chloramines, both of which are highly toxic to fish and detrimental to plants. These substances need to be removed every time you add tap water to your pond. Remember, even small amounts of chlorine or chloramines will hurt your fish. Heavy metals accumulate in Raleigh ponds over time and will often deter plant growth and damage fish and other living creatures. Chlorine and Heavy Metal Neutralizer will easily remove chlorine and detoxify heavy metals. Chloramines is a combination of chlorine and ammonia used to treat tap water in many municipalities. Chloramine is even more damaging to pond life than chlorine.

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